The 'Tension Rod' is where a rhythm becomes a melody.

Tension Rod Music is both a concept and a record label based at Rittenhouse Soundworks, a state-of-the-art recording and film studio located in Philadelphia, PA.

Tension Rod Music records, produces, presents, publishes and holds licenses for many artists. Contact us for further information on licensing.



Rhythm has always been our guiding force, and it has taken us around the world. Yet, in the pandeiro and repique we hear deep and glorious melody. Our musical language is one of tone, timbre, and groove; we combine all of these into a "melody of rhythm." Pandeiro Repique Duo is exactly this: our language that shares the joy of placing these two instruments, intimately connected with Brazillian culture, in the context of universal music, further enriching their timbral palette. Since 2009, we've shared our music across the globe with only drums and this challenge has shaped our identity. Recently, we began to think about our next step in the exploration of this language, and it led to the birth of a new group. Always adding, expanding, reinforcing, amassing, but with total focus on serving the music - this is the motto of our new project that lets the sound of PRD truly unfold. In this case, more is more... or in Portuguese, "mais è mais." This is our "melody of rhythm" multiplying. This is the explosion of possibilities. This is PRD Mais!



Bernardo Aguiar and Gabriel Policarpo (PRD) are both steeped in the tradition of the Rio Samba Schools. They have a deep love, understanding and respect for that tradition, in all its forms, becomes the basis for their own compositions. Their exceptional percussive abilities have led them into new collaborations all over the world.

Artwork by Oscar Garcia da Rosa

Artwork by Oscar Garcia da Rosa


Ramiro Musotto (1963-2009)

After spending his childhood and adolescence in Bahía Blanca (where he studied with Carlos Giménez, played in the Symphony Orchestra of that city and joined the groups Mate and La Cumbre), he lived in Salvador for 12 years. Later he moved to Rio and in 2004 he returned to Salvador to develop his solo career.

Sebastian Notini is a Swedish musician and percussionist who has played with some of the most well known Swedish artists.

Sebastian Notini is the son of the jazz drummer Pétur "Island" Östlund and the author and artist Anja Notini.

"I was in Rio in 2012, working with Bernardo Aguiar on the release of "Pandeiro Repique Duo" (TR-1169), and somehow the conversation turned to the future releases I had planned for the Tension Rod label. I told him I was very interested in keeping with a global perspective of percussion traditions. He mentioned a recording that his friend, Sebastian Notini, had collaborated on with Ramiro Musotto. It had been done back in 2005, just before the "Civilizacao & Barbarye" recording, but because of Ramiro's untimely death, it had never been released. I was curious and asked if he would play it. As soon as it started, it was obvious that this music was coming from a very unique place. Each piece had its own spiritual landscape with a meditative quality that was extremely powerful. I played it over and over again. My mind became still and I felt an overwhelming sense of tranquility. No matter how many times I listen to this music, I'm still amazed at its power. Theirs was a multi-lingual musical vision that transcended time and knew no stylistic restraint. We are honored to play a part in bringing this special project to you. 
A huge thanks to my colleagues Bernando Aguiar and Aline Paes. Another huge thank you to Sebastian Notini for his help in preperation of this release. Thanks to Marcos Suzano and Carolos Malta for their constant inspiration and friendship. To the team in Philadelphia; Susan Deutsch, Matthew Hamilton, Andrew Hamilton, and Alex Shaw."