Summer Intensive Program

Rittenhouse Soundworks will be hosting a summer camp lasting five days, June 18th-22nd, from 10am to 5pm. The camp will give a comprehensive insight into music recording, broadcast recording, photography, production and electrical principles as applied in the recording studio. Each of these subjects will cover the basics from front to back. This includes pre/post production, how to record, proper usage of equipment, and basic electrical studio needs. The workshop is for students ages’ 13-20. Included with the workshop, each student will be provided with a booklet filled with the information covered, giving the student a technical toolbox to apply to any type of production. The workshop is $500.00 and you can reserve your spot today with a $100.00 deposit. Scholarships are available with approval through our scholarship application form. Each workshop will be taught in groups of 5 in 1 hr rotations with a break for lunch.

Students are asked to provide their own lunch, but refreshments will be provided

Address: Rittenhouse Soundworks  219 W. Rittenhouse St. Philadelphia, PA

A description of the workshops below


The Art of Production

Taught by Special Guest, John Vanore, Gold Record Producer for Atlantic Records, EMI, and Miramax

- John’s education is about raw experiences in both conducting and producing

- Producing big bands, choirs, and orchestras

- Careers in the music industry and their educational paths

- The intersection of production musicianship, technical skill, and artist support in the studio.


Understanding Dynamics and Rhythm

Taught by Jim Hamilton, Owner of Rittenhouse Soundworks

- Experience a wide range of percussion instruments

- Learn how to record percussion instruments

- Cover the steps to building a solid percussion track

- Learn the amazing history of the drum set, its creation and evolution

- There is a lot more than Kick and Snare


Broadcast Production

Taught by Tyler Ripley, Audio Engineer for the Philadelphia Eagles

-How to create radio intros, bumps and commercials (each group will create a concept for a podcast)

-How to create a show’s timeline

-How to use recording software for broadcast recording

-Basic recording practices

-How to conduct an interview


Intro Recording in the Studio

Taught by Michael Cumming, Audio Engineer at Rittenhouse Soundworks

- Basic understanding of gear used: microphones, preamps, cables

- How to use recording software for music recording

- Basic recording techniques with microphones

- The use of EQ and Dynamics (compression, deEsser, limiters, and others)

- Using the space to your advantage


Electrical Work in the Studio

Taught by Liam Wolf, studio tech at Rittenhouse Soundworks

-How to build and repair cables

-How to organize a recording space

-Basic safety in using electrical/studio equipment

-How microphones work

-How studio equipment works



Taught by Matthew Hamilton, CEO at

-Basics of camera operation

-How to shoot in various settings

-Basics of using lighting equipment

-Basics of post production/editing