Recording Studio Philadelphia

Rittenhouse SoundWorks

RSW is a state of the art, multi-room facility located in the historic Germantown district of Philadelphia. This turn of the century building can accommodate all of your tracking needs, from full orchestras to voiceovers.

Recording Studio

Rittenhouse SoundWorks has two studios available to help make your project come to life!

Studio A

Our A room features a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console and a 1-inch Otari 8-track. Studio A’s live room is 74’ x 62’ with beautiful high wooden ceilings and equipped with skylights to provide clients with beautiful natural light. This provides a beautiful recording environment and has enough space for anything you need.

On the digital side, we employ Antelope Converters with their Isochrome/Rubidium Clock Technology ensuring state of the art analog to digital conversion. We have various software platforms available including Steinberg/Nuendo and the Harrison Mixbuss platform. Mixbuss provides a complete recording and mixing environment which was created in a partnership between Harrison and the Ardour digital audio workstation. The studio is a beautiful combination of old and new technologies offering digital and analog solution in a perfect combination.

     Studio B

Our B room is another custom designed control room, complete with a vocal booth and is a great environment to track or mix in. This room has been specifically designed and created to provide the perfect listening environment within a smaller space. This room provides an option for artists who may not need a large tracking room, but want an exceptional acoustic environment to work in. This space is equipped with a 16 channel Neve 5059 Satellite Summing Mixer.


Recording Studios In Philadelphia

Rittenhouse SoundWorks is located in Northwest Philadelphia which is rich with our great music history. We are located only 20 minutes out of Center city and only a few blocks from Fairmont Park. Also, if you are in the New Jersey area, we are only a quick drive away from your bridge of choice.