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B.r.U.s. is an international collaboration, blending the percussion traditions of Brasil and the United States, through the lens and language of tap.

All Photography by Wilian Aguiar

All Photography by Wilian Aguiar

Creating a harmony between American tap dance and Brazilian rhythms

Rhythm always tells a story. This story is being written as we evolve the choreography. The syncopation of Jazz styles and Brasilian styles are very similar in that it must "Swing". This is an essential quality that both our traditions share. Samba, Partido Alto, Forro, Samba Funk and others are the focus of the show.


The duo of Christiane Matallo and Jim Hamilton started as a simple percussion and tap duet. The focus quickly changed when they realized the potential this collaboration could bring. Chris' extensive study of American tap dance combined with Jim's love for Brasilian percussion traditions yields new and innovative performance pieces. 


B.r.U.s. Future Performances

August 22nd, 9 pm - Al Janiah Show Bar

Special guest Yannick Delass

Rui Barbosa 269, Bela Vista


São Paulo City - SP


August 24th - Circuito Cultural Paulista 

São Caetano do Sul City - SP


August 25th - Circuito Cultural Paulista 

Bragança Paulista City - SP


August 26th - Circuito Cultural Paulista 

Pirassununga City - SP


August 31 - September 1st

Desterro Dance Festival in Florianópolis 


September 20th - Circuito Cultural Paulista

Palmeira D’Oeste City - SP


September 21st - Circuito Cultural Paulista 

Ilha Solteira City - SP


September 22nd - Circuito Circuito Cultural Paulista 

Votuporanga City - SP


October 9th - 17th

Brazil International Tap Festival


October 18th - 28th

São Luis - Maranhão (Northeast)


December 15th and 16th at Ribeirão Preto

Theatro Municipal, Dance Festival of SP


Dates TBA:

January 2019 - Salvador Bahia

January 2019 - Barcelona, Spain

January 2019 - Germany

February 2019 - Firenze, Italy

February 2019 - Lisbon, Portugal


The name B.r.U.s. refers to a mixture of cultures, Brasilian and North American. They are different indeed. BrUs is about the building of a bridge between the differences, connecting these rhythmic ideas through the body, both the physical body and the body of knowledge and history our countries share.


B.r.U.s. Past Performances

April 27th, 28th, and 29th - Teatro Alfredo Mesquita

São Paulo City, SP

Secretaria Municipal São Paulo


April 30th - Palco Praia Jurerê 

Floripa Tap 2018

Florianópolis city - SC


May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd - Floripa Tap

Workshops and education program


May 6th - Casa de Cultura São Rafael 

São Paulo city - SP

Secretaria Municipal de São Paulo


May 19th - Rio de Janeiro Copasetic Tap Festival

Workshop and pocket show

Rio de Janeiro city - RJ


May 22nd

Quattrinno São Paulo - SP


May 26th and 27th - Belo Horizonte - MG

Workshop, education program and show


May 30th - Casa de Cultura Butantã - SP

Show and education program.

Secretaria Municipal de São Paulo


June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd - Uberlandia Tap Festival

Semana do Sapateado

Uberlândia city - MG

Show and workshop


June 7th Castro Burguer SP

São Paulo City - SP


June 10th Workshop

Atibaia City - SP